In 2009, Bronxville School Foundation Board member Peter Thorpe, drew the Policy Board’s attention to Thomas Friedman’s annual competition for an individual to travel with him on assignment, and asked if the model might be something the District could emulate.  Bronxville guidance counselor, Jim Agnello, took up the challenge and soon established a partnership with the Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children (JBFC), an orphanage in Tanzania that was founded by members of a Bronxville family. 


Since 2009, the Mr. Agnello has chaperoned an annual trip to the orphanage, and nurtured the development of a school on the site.  Kim Ferguson, Sarah Lawrence professor, soon joined these efforts and has been instrumental in providing professional development for JBFC’s teachers and in including the College’s students in the service learning program.  Members of the Bronxville Rotary club have shared their expertise with the students and faculty of both institutions, providing valuable insights into global service projects. 


The annual trip to Tanzania is a life-changing, educational experience for participants. The roster of graduates includes:


Ava Black

Michael Burstein

Eliza Elder

Fiona Jones

Andrew Mager

Kamil Mutlucan

Isabella Scagnelli

Vance Wood



Ahmed Ebrahim

Nora Gerson



Lucas Berger

Heather Bothwell

Allison Sher

John Timoney



Abby Bond

Hanna Buendia

Steven Chrappa

Jack Deasy

Brian Forst

Daniel Guglielmo

Ellie Hanrahan

Kevin Reich

Patrick Tine



Matt Adrian

Caroline Cahaney

Natasha Colvin

Caroline Cory

Libby Deasy

Timmy Donohue

Jim Grant

Bailie Jones

Nina McManus

Helen Parzick

Jackie Saralegui


Cameron Adamiyatt

Matt Adrian

Caroline Cahaney

Elizabeth Frost

Maxim Izotov

Guy McKhann

Nina McManus

Chris Miller

Eloise Robert


Caroline DePaul

Gabby Markola

Chris Miller

Nina McManus

Sean Mooney

Danny vonAlbade



Grace Burkee

Zoe Hutchings

Justin McCarthy

Chris Miller

Thomas Neville


James Ackerman

Harry Colvin

Laura Holland

Griffin Kiefer

Jack Kiefer

Justin McCarthy

Scott McGrath

Chris Miller

Olivia Scotti

Ellie Walsh


James Ackerman

Mimi Buendia

Harry Colvin

Jackie Coquillette

Mac Crawford

Laura Holland

Colin McCloskey

Scott McGrath

Gabe Morato

Anna Normand

Nicholas O’Brien

Billy Ramundo

Sean Sullivan


Timothy Atkeson

Ava Austi

Caroline Brashear

Mimi Buendia

Michael Burstein

Jackie Coquillette

George Cooney

Eliza Elder

Peyton Kinon

Kunzang Namgyal

Anna Normand

Amelia Srebnik

Sasha Paradise

Cory Ramundo

Marguerite Scotti

Andreas Seralegui

Ashton Smith


For over fifteen years, Bronxville Students have traveled to Nicaragua with Bridges to Community, building houses and classrooms and supporting villagers' in building a very successfully organic shampoo and soap business that creating eighteen jobs for local residents.

While in Nicaragua, Bronxville students and teachers have the unique opportunity to work on sustainable development projects while living and working alongside the community. In one week, they explore the rich cultural traditions and natural beauty of the country, engage in meaningful discussions and reflections, meet incredible people, help a community in need achieve its goals, and be forever changed.


Beth Agarabi

Jim Agnello

Matt Fisher

Michael Marino

Anthony Miserandino

Joyce Myers

Justin O’Brien

Brian Senior

Anthony Vaglica

Christopher Ahern

Leila Ahmad

Marina Alfano

Charles Ambose

Robert Ambose

Michael Anagnostakis

Timothy Atkeson

Julian Bardin

Nico Bardin

Dan Barton

Bailey Barton

Ian Baxter

Lucas Berger

Sean Berney

Spencer Berry

Camila Blikstad

Kyle Bloomer

Charles Bogatryrenko

Abby Bond

Carter Bond

Max Boyd

Trey Brazill

Ines Bukhadra

Michael Burstein

Josh Burton

Tara Byrne

Sasha Capasso

Sarah Carbonaro

Meredith Carden

Natalie Carmel

Caroline Castano

Ava Chiang

Will Cioffi

Patrick Clarke

Sarah Conneally

Meghan Connors

Luke Connors

Grace Connors

Katharine Costamini

Spencer Cox

Sarah Crowley

Ella Crystal

Andrew Damhuis

Eva Dani

Petey DeJoy

Francesca DeLaRama

Clara Zhou deMagalhaes

Colin Dempsey

Brian DePaul

Elizabeth Detwiler

Edward Donohue

Jack Dougherty

Matt Dougherty

Joe Dougherty

William Doughtery

Margaret Duke

John Duke

Emma Estes

Marissa Farbos

Jack Fitzgibbons

Thomas Fitzgibbons

Jack Flanagan

Zach Flangos

Piper Fraser

Sydney Frayne

Luke Freeman

Emile George

Nora Gerson

Jacoby Goodson

Jim Grant

Francesca Guglielmo

Daniel Guglielmo

William Gunn

Robert Gunn

Sam Gusaftsson

Lilly Harblin

Betsy Harrington

Elaine Harris

David Harris

Anderson Hershey

John Hodulik

Andrew Horn

Grace Howard

Thomas Hudson

Samantha Huss

Zoe Hutchings

Christopher Hutchins

Paul Jones

Chase Judkins

Nancy Katz

Griffin Kiefer

Peyton Kinan

Alexandria King

Kathleen Knox

Will Knox

Charlie Knox

Sophie Kohlhoff

PJ Kratinski

Patrick Krestinski

Sally Kwok

Isabela Lamadrid

Will Larghoff

Georgia Lazaroni

Andrew Lemberger

Emma Lettiere

Sarah Lettiere

Chloe Lewis

Olivia Lewis

Kelly Lund

Patrick Lynch

Jessica Mack

Katherine MacMillan

Stephen Macmillan

Oliver Macmillan-Bell

Cole Madden

William Maher

Anabel Maldonado

Tommy Maldonado

Wilson Mathe

Justin McCarthy

Jack McDonough

Tommy Meade

Tim Mercurio

Ted Meyers

Tommy Miller

Eli Min

Liz Minter

Meghan Mitchell

Gabe Morato

Riley Morgan

Michael Moynihan

Hailey Alice Mullen

Sean Murphy

Yuka Nakano

Anthony Napolitano

Michael Natsch

Raleigh Near

Catherine O'Brien

Gordon O’Brien

Brenna O’Neill

Alexander Oman

J. P. Gunn

Julia Pabafikos

Jack Pagano

Chris Palermo

Henry Palermo

Sarsha Paradise

Tyler Pendleton

Annie Piper

Chris Poole

Harry Pyle

Andrew Pytosh

Matthew Pytosh

Ally Ramundo

Cory Ramundo

Carl Ranieri

John Ranieri

Anna Reetz

Kevin Reich

Alex Rizzo

Matthew Rizzo

Evelyn Robert

Amanda Rodriquez

Jillian Rohr

Meghan Rossini

Dylan Ruddy​

Sean Ryan

Alex Saralegui

Mark Sellechia

Joe Shively

Luke Smyth

Mat Sokol

Will Stoeffhaas

Ella Stupart

Tim Sullivan

JJ Sunier

Nick Sutherland

Michael Swartz

James Swenson

William Swenson

Henry Szor

Alex Szor

Jess Tarangioli

Sarah Tarbell Littman

Julian Thomet

Ashley Toal

Katie Toal

Katherine Tyruin

Carter Via

Harry Villanueva

Harry Vollmer

Ben vonMehren

Will vonMehren

Ethan Waggoner

Sam Wagner

Gabriella Wall

Dylan Weber

David Weild

Kelly Weild

Mike Weild

Christian Welch

Robby Westerfield

Greg White

Avery Widen

John Yienger

Emmanuel Yimer

Eddie Yoo

Professional Development that focuses on:

  • Student Outcomes

  • Professional Collaboration

  • Local, State, National and international Best Practices

  • Educational Research​

  • Creativity


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