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Middle School Band



























Bronxville High School Band Program

Ms. Uma Karkala 

Grades 9-12 3819


Course Outline

Each student will build upon their own skills on their instrument, with the focus geared towards ensemble participation.  Individual skills will include proper playing position, embouchure, intonation, and the techniques necessary for large ensemble playing.  Literature and materials will be progressive and students will be expected to work to their abilities for full ensemble growth.  




1. Punctual attendance and participation

2. Preparation

3. In Class Sectionals/Performance/Playing Exams

4. Mid-Term Exam/Performance

5. Personal Assessment

6. Final Exam/Performance


Participation and Attendance                                                   40%

Class Performance of Homework Assignments/Practice         10%

Student Performance in Class                                                  15%

Winter Concert-Mid-term                                                        15%

Final Concert                                                                            20%


Any student who participates in NYSSMA, will receive extra credit towards their grade. 


1-2 Pencils 

Woowinds:  Reeds, Mouthpieces, Neckstraps, Cork Grease

Brass: Valve Oil, Slide Oil

Percussion: Sticks, Mallets


Students should also have a 1 1/2 ring binder with sheet protectors.

Instrument Rental, Repair and Care

Instruments will be rented for the academic year to the students by the school. A contract will be sent home to the parents of all students who rent an instrument outlining the Bronxville rental policies. Please  sign this contract and send back. Regular maintenance of school-owned instruments will be the responsibility of the school. Parents will be responsible for willful or accidental damage to the instrument during the rental period.  


Students may also purchase their own instruments.


Students will be responsible for purchasing their own reeds, strings, oils, straps, and any other accessory to their instruments.




The majority of a student’s grade will be generated from Progress Reports that will be issued every quarter. The reports will assess the following categories.


  •    Punctuality/Preparedness

  •    Participation

  •    Knowledge of Music/Practice

  •    Improvement/Effort

  •    Homework Assignments/Playing Assessments


Students will be graded on 5 categories out of 10 points each. This score will then be multiplied by 2 and averaged in with the students playing exams.


Jazz Band

Students interested in playing in an ensemble other than during our regularly scheduled class should consider Jazz Band. The Jazz Band performs a wide variety of styles, including swing, blues, bebop, funk, and contemporary jazz.  Musicians at all levels are encouraged to join.

MS JAZZ BAND - Mondays @ 3pm

HS JAZZ BAND - Thursdays @ 3pm


The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) sponsors annual festivals for ensembles and solo evaluations. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the NYSSMA solo festival. In addition to receiving feedback on their playing abilities and progress, the solo festivals serve as the vehicle for students to audition for Intermediate All-County. Students interested in participating should speak to me to determine their piece selection for auditions.

Concerts/In Class Recitals

As a performance based program, there will be multiple opportunities for students to perform throughout the year. All performances are mandatory and attendance to these performances will be reflected in the grading.


  • There will be two concerts per year in the school auditorium

  • Winter Concert will be on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 7pm

  • Spring Concert will be on Monday June 1, 2019 at 7pm

  • All Students will be required to perform in in-class recitals both as a soloist and part of a small ensemble

  • There are also department wide solo recitals the first one taking place on November 18, 2019.


Dress Code for Performances

For Concerts

Middle School

   Girls: White Top/Black bottom - Blouse and/or black slacks or black dress dress (can be all black), dress shoes

   Boys: White Top/Black bottom - Dress slacks, dress shirt, dress shoes, socks


High School

   Girls: All Black dress or skirt /slacks(any color), dress shoes

   Boys: All Black jacket, tie, dress slacks, dress shirt, dress shoes, socks


Recitals (Any Color)

   Girls: dress or skirt (any color), dress shoes

   Boys: jacket, tie, dress slacks, dress shirt, dress shoes, socks


How Parents Can Help


  • Show an interest in the music study of your child. Listen to your children and have them perform for you.

  • Arrange a regular time for your child to practice.

  • Find a quiet place where your child can practice without interruption.

  • Keep your child's instrument in good repair with reeds, valve oil, cleaning kit, etc.

  • Stress the importance of being on time for all rehearsals.

  • Encourage your student to play for others when opportunities arise, in the home, at school, at church, and in the community.

  • See that your student brings the instrument and necessary equipment to school each day.

  • Attend concerts whenever possible and encourage your child to listen to music of all kinds  



If you have any inquires or need more information about anything regarding your child’s music education, please feel free to contact me:


Uma Karkala- -  Ext: 3819







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