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Choral music education is a performance-based approach to music education in which students enhance their musical understanding through the medium of the choral ensemble. The development of musicianship and music literacy are the foundations for this course. Students are expected to be able to match pitch and sight-read the equivalent of a NYSSMA level III before entering HS chorus.


The choral experience encompasses singing, performing, sight reading and ear training,

listening, creating, and critical thinking, and produces individuals who:

            1.  are able to make music alone and with others;

            2.  are able to create and improvise music;

            3.  are able to use the language and notation of music;

            4.  are able to respond to music aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally;

            5.  are familiar with a wide repertoire of musical cultures, genres and  styles;

            6.  are able to make aesthetic judgments based on critical listening;

            7.  are able to describe, listen and read music;

            8.  are developing a lifelong commitment to music.



Dress Code for:


High School Chorus members purchase concert attire from Stage Accents. 

Girls: Bari black dress, black shoes with no more than a 1" heel.

Boys: Black tux or black suit, black socks, black shoes.



Girls and Boys: A nice outfit that can adhere to the music's theme.


NYSSMA and All-County Auditions

Attire does not have an impact on one’s score; however, it is a natural human reaction for judges to be affected by first impressions. Wearing concert dress or a nice outfit is recommended.


All-County & All-State Concerts

Specified by the sponsoring organization at time of acceptance to the organization.

Honor Choir Opportunities

Opportunities to participate in additional honor choruses (OAKE - Organization of Kodaly Educators, ACDA - American Choral Directors Association and/or Carnegie Hall will be determined on a yearly basis. Entrance into the honor choirs is through audition. 


Recitals are held during the fall and the spring (see calendar). One month prior to the recital, all potential recital participants will receive an interest form from Ms. Simpson. On these forms, students will indicate their intent to perform as well as the title and composer of their piece. The form must be signed by the student, parent/guardian and the student’s private music teacher, if the student is studying privately. (If the student does not study privately, the school music teacher will evaluate the student’s readiness to perform.) The form must be returned to the school music teacher NO LATER THAN two weeks prior to the performance. Students must attach a copy of the music for the accompanist. Once the form is submitted, students may sign up for a coaching with our accompanist, Dr. Jonathan Faiman. 


Late entries will not be accepted. If time constraints become a factor, students will be limited to one solo and one ensemble performance per recital.

After School Music Lesson Program at the Bronxville School

Although every effort is made to meet the needs of individual music students during school music classes, it cannot be denied that private music lessons significantly enhance a child’s opportunities to learn. As a convenience to parents, private music lessons are offered after school in the building during the school year. The Bronxville School music lesson program offers private instruction in the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass., Voice and Piano. For more information about the program, please visit the BASC/After-Ninth website at:


Private Lesson Programs Outside the Bronxville School

There are a number of private lesson programs and private lesson teachers available in the Bronxville area. The Concordia, Hoff-Barthelson, Manhattan School of Music, and Juilliard Prep programs are just a few of the outstanding music programs available to students.


Students are encouraged to investigate these programs as well as the school program to determine which opportunity best matches their interests. Students are reminded that if they study in a private lesson program outside the school, they need to accept responsibility for notifying their private teachers about WCSMA and NYSSMA events, as well as school recitals.

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