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Bronxville Middle School orchestra students perform, compose, improvise and critique  a wide variety of music. All concepts, including those related to music theory and music history, are studied in the context of music that students create.  The goal of this “apprenticeship” model of instruction is for each student to develop a personal understanding of musical expression.  


The middle school orchestra curriculum invites students to:

  • acquire the knowledge and skills needed to identify musical problems and create multiple viable solutions,

  • develop the ability to think without using words,

  • create meaningful interpretations of compositions that represent a variety of styles and aesthetic ideals,

  • recognize that personal thoughts and emotions have counterparts in the musical expression of human beings in all cultures and across many generations, and

  • share in the joy of creating meaningful compositions and musical performances



After School Music Lesson Program at the Bronxville School

Although every effort is made to meet the needs of individual music students during school music classes, it cannot be denied that private music lessons significantly enhance a child’s opportunities to learn. As a convenience to parents, private music lessons are offered after school in the building during the school year. Instruction may be arranged by visiting the BASC website ( Lessons follow the regular school calendar 




Private Lesson Programs Outside the Bronxville School

There are a number of private lesson programs and private lesson teachers available in the Bronxville area. The Concordia, Hoff-Barthelson, Manhattan School of Music, and Juilliard Prep programs are just a few of the outstanding music programs available to students.


Students are encouraged to investigate these programs as well as the school program to determine which opportunity best matches their interests. Students are reminded that if they study in a private lesson program outside the school, they need to accept responsibility for notifying their private teachers about WCSMA and NYSSMA events, as well as school recitals.




Recital Procedures

One month prior to the recital, all potential recital participants will receive forms from their school music teacher. On these forms, students will indicate their intent to perform, the title and composer of their piece, and the name of their accompanist. The student’s private music teacher, accompanist, and parent/guardian must sign the form. (If the student does not study privately, the school music teacher will evaluate the student’s readiness to perform.) The form must be returned to the school music teacher NO LATER THAN two weeks prior to the performance. Late entries will not be accepted. 

Dress Code for Performances

Regardless of fashion trends, short skirts/hemlines are inappropriate for the stage. 

Girls: dark skirts, white blouses, dress shoes, stockings

Boys: dress slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes, socks



Performances at Graduation Ceremonies

The annual graduation ceremonies are opportunities to recognize the diligence and accomplishments of Bronxville students. By performing in these ensembles, the student musicians provide a service to the graduates and bring honor to themselves.  Due to the significance of the graduation ceremonies in the life of the school, it is important that parents notify the music staff early in the year if their child cannot participate in providing music for the graduation. The sixth and seventh grade orchestras provide music for the eighth grade recognition ceremony.  The eighth grade orchestra performs for the high school graduation ceremony.




Instrument Repair

Regular maintenance of school-owned instruments will be the responsibility of the school. Parents will be responsible for willful or accidental damage to the instrument during the maintenance period. In addition, parents will be responsible for purchasing consumables such as strings and rosin.



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